Practical training in Finance – Roberto Knop

Pills Training Measurement (PFM)

A training that is tailored to the specific needs of:

  • People: for 1 to 10 people
  • Topics: covering specific needs
  • Times: adapting to topics and availability
  • Costs: minimizándolos

Pills Training in Streaming

  • Short sessions (1 hour) x number of sessions that are required according to the theme and objectives.
  • In streaming live via Zoom
  • Specific content on specific topics.
  • Theoretical and practical approach 50%-50%. In Excel, VBA or other programming languages according to the needs.
  • Support sessions: Zoom, Microsoft Powerpoint, Prezi, Microsoft Excel-VBA (Python, R,... should be required), Google Sheets, Bloomberg, Slate Digital.
  • For groups of between 1-5 people (can be more but reduces the personalized care by increasing the number of students).

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